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Cottoning Assistant


Cottoning (placing the cotton on the string) is actually quite easy, you just have to understand how to do it.

When setting up and maintaining your hurdy-gurdy there is almost no other situation in which you can cause such extreme damage to your instrument in such a short period of time!

If the sound of the melody strings becomes rough, distorted or too soft, it's time to replace the cotton.  The length of the string (pitch) changes with age and humidity and the notes will sound horribly wrong.  If you try to "solve" the problem by applying more rosin to the wheel, "adjusting" the tangents or even by changing the position of the bridges, you will get an unplayable instrument in no time. Your frustration will grow and the instrument maker has to take the blame.

But wait - there is help!

The following pages will guide you through the steps of cottoning and rosining your strings...

the right way!

(Many thanks to Barbara Grimm! )
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Introduction | PreparationsCottoningApplying rosin