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Renaissance Hurdy-Gurdy

A decree from 1651 had already instructed the public order official to make sure that travelling musicians had proper licenses.
"The hurdygurdyists, both men and women should be removed completely so that we no longer need to see their vulgar and disorderly talk and gestures which the travelling musicians delight in cultivating together with other impertinances"

Walter Harting, " Sources and studies in musical folk traditions in Bavaria"

This reconstruction is adapted to current plying requirements and is from the Syntagma Musicum, Plate XVII from Michael Praetorius, Leipzig, 1619.
Title: allerley umblauffende Bawren und Weiber Lyren.

A universally playable instrument for early Baroque and dance music, folk music and for accompaniment of ballads.
A beginner`s model, attractively priced. (Vecorated form with decorative edge inlay and spruce sounding board.) See detailed illustration. (*coming soon)

This model is not available anymore.

Normal 2x 1x Trumpet string 3x Bordun Measure: 36cm 15 Whole notes 9 Semi notes Tuning: C/g Wood: M/A Nitro Lacquer Wooden pegs
Special manufacture 3x Melodie 2x Trumpet string Tuning: F Tuning: vario Wood: F/N Wood: F/K Wax/Oil Getriebe Bridge system Patented belt holder Pickup-systems