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Alpha Novello

A small step for Man but a great step for Mankind.
Neil Armstrong 7/21/1969

The hurdy gurdy was the highest developed instrument in the Middle Ages.

Only the inexhaustible need for instrument makers to research on one hand and the stubborn clamorous needs for improvement expressed by the players on the other hand have enabled the hurdy gurdy to develop into a state of perfection around 1750 in France-

The instrument practically disappeared into oblivion but was then rediscovered in the 60s. It has been the subject of constant change since then.

It is my personal intention to accompany the hurdy gurdy into the next millenium and to smoothen its path towards modern music such as rock and jazz.

  • Melody strings placed and removed by using a comfortable pressure mechanism with Bowden wire technology. See detail. (*coming soon)
  • Extensive tone reproduction true to nature by using piezoceramic pick up per group of strings.
  • Electronic reprocessing in separate channels. Construction with low cross talk.
  • Patented belt holder for comfortable safe carrying during play.
  • Low noise MOS-FET technology, 4 channel preamplifier fitted directly under the keys. level (6 dB), high and low (+/- 15 dB), adjustable, volume control accessible from the exterior: selector switch for total, effects and pedal. Output impedance: low ohm ass, XLR option, power supply via distributor box with 12 V, phantom supply. see detail (*coming soon)
  • Triple adustable sliding nut for the melody strings
  • Geared tuning heads specially developed for the Novello series.
    Screw mounted plates with 4 carrier pinions in milled brass casing, mat gilded or chromed in dull black.
    The double mounted long shaft guarantees the highest degree of tuning comfort.
    The heads made out of solid precious woods combine a secure grip with a timeless esthetics. See detail. (*coming soon)
  • Option of various bridge systems on all strings
  • Adjustable positions at the drone bridge for string pressure
  • Electromagnetic pick up for the sympathetic strings
  • Adjustable trumpet bride guide for optimal adaptation of the hammer with decoupled pick up position. see detail (*coming soon)
  • Variable colour finish and varnishing

Sound Sample : Exerpt from "Wer alten Weibern traut" taken from the CD "Adaro - Schlaraffenland" Interpretin: Konstanze Kulinsky Format: MP3

Normal 2x 1x Trumpet string 3x Bordun Measure: 35cm 15 Whole notes 10 Semi notes Tuning: C 6 Sympathetic strings Wood: A/A Nitro Lacquer Getriebe
Patented belt holder Pickup-systems Pre-amplifier
Special manufacture 3x Melodie 2x Trumpet string 4x Bordun Measure: 40cm Tuning: vario bis zu 12 Resonazsaiten Wood: A/P Nitro Lacquer glaenzend Bridge system String lifter Grifbrett